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Key Opportunities, Inc. has the capabilities to supply a labor force of skilled and semi-skilled employees. Key is able to meet the subcontracting needs of companies who experience scheduling problems, fluctuating production demands, short run contracts, gear-up complications, low incentive jobs, and jobs for which labor is difficult to find. Companies which find us most appealing are organizations concerned with timeliness, 100% quality control, and cutting costs in areas such as insurance, workers compensation, unemployment, facility overhead, etc. More than 35 satisfied companies can testify to the work Key is able to do.

Our Areas of Expertise Include

  • Contract Manufacturing

  • Contract Packaging

  • Assembly

  • Sub Assembly

  • Tumbling/Vibratory Finishing

  • Inspection Services

Save Time and Space

Key Opportunities can relieve you of the hassle of ordering raw components and following them through to finished goods. Let Key do it for you. After receiving your needs, and using an actual sample of the finished product, we price out each component. We then quote the job figuring all costs involved: purchasing, inventory, warehousing, assembly, and delivery as required. We also handle quality control issues along the way – from incoming components to finished goods.

Try this service and see for yourself. Let us be the “KEY” to fewer steps, time and headaches along the way to a high-quality product delivered on time.

Service Features 

  • Pick-up and delivery service

  • Loading dock & forklift

  • Inside/Outside storage

  • Can Meet S.P.C. requirements

  • 31,500 sq. ft plant

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Key Opportunities, Inc. maintains only the highest professional standards in our bidding practices.

Key includes normal bid factors and presents all proposals promptly and efficiently. Our competitive prices include that extra required by today’s market … concern for quality and reputation.

Long term contracts, new and short run jobs, increasing production output and customer base over the past 35 years demonstrates our success in keeping the customer happy and our costs competitive.

Let Key Come to You

Key has the capability of placing a workforce at your location to do temporary or on-going jobs. Specific arrangements can be tailored to meet your needs including an on-site supervisor to organize and train at your option.

Shipping & Receiving Hours: 7:30am- 2:30pm


For more information about sub-contracting and manufacturing partnerships, please email Mike Miller at: